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Our team will define the essential Quality of user needs and provide an effective output at the end of the process.


Incorporating creative website design ideas gives you a way to stand out and provide a unique, positive experience.


Refined extends the power of Confluence with added structure, intuitive navigation, improved accessibility of content.


We usually set goals from the beginning of our process and then make sure that we achieve those goals by the end of the process

What we do

Intro into our Web Design Capabilities

Koncepts is a company dedicated to creating unique web designs & solutions with value for money for its clients. The single mission is to bring innovative trends in web technology attainable for all.

Our web design methodology involves a clear understanding of the business model, the target audiences and prospective customers. With this understanding, the scope is clearly distributed into appropriate sections and with simple user experiences the user would be able to get the right information about the business.

We follow the Prototyping methods, which involve multiple iterations thereby meeting the business vision.

Logo & Identity

Having a professional-looking and well-designed logo builds trust and grabs people’s attention. Potential customers are more likely to approach the company with a robust logo because it tells them what the company does and how that would benefit them. It communicates with people with no prior knowledge or experience, making them more likely to do business with you and stick around in the long run.

Keeping all this in mind, Koncepts creates professional logos providing high-quality, creative and unique designs. Our creations help you show off your brand’s personality and function by being precise and accurate after thoroughly studying the business and its consumers.


Branding is one of the important aspects of any large or small business. In simple words a company’s brand tells its customer what they can expect from its products and services.

Because defining a brand and developing a brand strategy can be a complex time-consuming process Koncepts simplifies it for you by carefully selecting the branding components and distributing them evenly to meet the business goals to its end users.

With Meticulous research, we learn the requirements and desires of a company’s current and prospective clients and plan the branding components accordingly. The modern era of digital marketing has evolved to an extent where branding has to be on par with the best digital industry practices. With memorable, meaningful and concise methods our designs capture the essence of your business portfolio with the best practices.


Brochures are essentially your product catalog in a digital form. Unlike physical brochures (print form), digital brochures are completely optimizable to various digital media, including the web. 

Our UI designers are well-versed in the user interaction arena, where digital brochures have a wide reach. Our team excels in carefully creating brochures with optimum readability and minimalistic design, focusing on the subject which helps in maximizing conversions.  Hence our clients have the choice of having their brochures in pdf or real-time animations to showcase their products in the right light.

Web Design & Development

Being up to date with the evolving web standards is a difficult task and this is where the services of Koncepts come in handy. Our team design & development team helps enable startups and big companies to envision their business goals. We make sure the user experience strikes a chord with its target audience by delivering the business vision, mission and services and product roadmap.

Koncepts also custom development of software, providing end-to-end solutions for the challenges of scaling any business. This helps the clients to bestow strategic application development to have organic footfall and conversion. We also provide bespoke solutions for your specific web application needs. 

Fix Your Website - WordPress & Magento

The web world is at a pace where complex technical issues can become a detriment to its growth and might lose visitors. Perhaps you need help updating your website, tweaking certain plugins, script updates, or server-side upgrades. Our proficient team of WordPress/Magento experts will restore your website in good order and enable smooth operations. 

Some of the services offered are as below:

  • Any WordPress Plugin setup/configuration
  • Any PHP error
  • woocommerce customization
  • Widget Area
  • Custom style for anything 
  • Background, Header, Footer
  • Remove unnecessary meta-data
  • Change the Permalink Structure
  • Disable HTML in WP comments
  • Turn off Post Revisions in WordPress
  • Hide Errors on the WP Login screen
  • Favicon & Logo customization
  • Improve the Security of your WordPress /Magento website
  • WordPress/Magento website speed and Performance Optimization
  • Any type of common WordPress Errors

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Featured Work

We hereby share our appreciation to
Koncepts D & D IT Solutions for an outstanding job in creating an excellent Logo.

Similarly, they designed a world-class business card and Book cover.

Senthil Raj

Infinite Potentials

I am really happy with your service, it is exceptional, Koncepts Design and Developments is just great.

Sridhar is an outstanding customer focused individual. Koncepts is very professional and their knowledge is incredible, they also solve problems very fast. Sridhar has been managing our website post the design and development…

We are looking forward to getting into new venues of Digital Marketing along with them… Great work Koncepts and Sridhar…

Mohammed Kalimullah

Shazab Futuretech Solutions

Koncepts IT solution’s topmost priority is customer satisfaction. They never tire of designing options till they satisfy us – that too with a smile. All the best Koncepts.

Rajesh Daswani

IAAS Academy

Fearless Leaders

Our team will motivate a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. Our team Coordinators used to think critically to plan, synchronize, and execute complex undertakings with a diverse set individual in different roles. Our team can work with endless possibilities.

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